Can I access my OverDrive history in Libby?

Yes! Your borrowing history from the legacy OverDrive app and OverDrive library websites will appear on your timeline in Libby.

This will happen automatically, but you can also manually load your card's borrowing history.

Once OverDrive loans are on your timeline, you can tag them as "borrowed" in Libby.


There are a few situations where your OverDrive history won't appear in Libby:

  • If you disabled your OverDrive borrowing history (in the OverDrive app or on your library's OverDrive website), titles borrowed in those locations won't be added to your Libby timeline.
  • If you disabled activity recording in Libby, your OverDrive borrowing history won't appear in Libby either.
  • If you imported rated titles into your OverDrive history, those titles won't appear in your Libby timeline (but you can manually tag them as "borrowed" if you'd like to keep track of them in Libby).