Reading a book using a screen reader

After opening a book in Libby, you can use "Read From Here" mode to read books and magazines with your screen reader.

Note: For sighted users, we recommend listening to audiobooks instead.

Reading modes in Libby

The Libby reader will always be in one of three modes: "Navigation" mode, "Page" mode, or "Read From Here" mode:

  • "Navigation" mode: is the mode the Libby reader will start in. In "Navigation" mode you can navigate to different parts of the book.
  • "Page" mode: allows you to move through pages sequentially. You'll be in this mode after dismissing navigation.
  • "Read From Here" mode: allows you to read using your screen reader. You'll find the option to use "Read From Here" mode when the book is in "Page" mode.

Opening "Read From Here" mode

Note: If you're using an iOS device, you'll need to use VoiceOver, not Spoken Content, to read books in Libby.

To use "Read From Here" mode:

  1. Open a book in Libby. If asked where you'd like to read the book, select Libby.
  2. The book will open in "Navigation" mode. Swipe or arrow until you hear "dismiss navigation button," then select the button to enter "Page" mode.
  3. Swipe until you hear "Read From Here button," then select it to enter "Read from Here" mode.
    Note: While using VoiceOver on iOS, you can use the two-finger double-tap gesture (or the Magic Tap gesture) anywhere in the reader to enter or exit "Read From Here" mode.
  4. While in "Read From Here" mode, swipe or use the arrow keys to read each section (header, paragraph, etc.) individually. Or, activate your screen reader's "read all" or "read continuously" command.
    Note: When you open a book for the first time, it will open to the cover page. If you don't hear anything at first, select the Menu button then select the Contents button and go to the first chapter.

Navigation options in "Read From Here" mode

To navigate in "Read From Here" mode:

  • Select the Previous Part button (after "Exit") or the Next part button (at the end of a section of text) to move between sections or chapters.
  • Select the Menu button in the top-left corner to find and use Libby's keyboard shortcuts. From here, you can browse the table of contents, add a bookmark, close the book, and more.
  • To close a book, select the Menu button, then select the Close Book button.

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