Navigating to different parts of a title

In a book or an audiobook, you can easily navigate to different chapters and to your bookmarks and highlights:

  • In a book, tap the center of the screen to show the navigation bar and timeline.
  • To view the table of contents: Tap Chapters (or the name of the current chapter) on the timeline. Tap on a chapter in the list to jump to it.
  • To skip to the next chapter: Tap the number on the right side of the chapter name.
  • To skip to the beginning of the current chapter: Tap the number on the left side of the chapter name.
  • To jump to a bookmark, note, or highlight: Tap bookmarks and notes icon, then tap the passage.
  • To read the title's summary: Tap the title's cover image.
  • To navigate to a more precise position in the title: Slide the timeline at the bottom of the screen.
    • The timeline shows specific markers for your progress, chapter breaks, your bookmarks, and your highlights.