Why are chapters locked in a title?

If you see locked chapters in a title, you may be reading a sample. You can unlock the chapters by borrowing it. To borrow a title from the sample:

  1. Open the sample.
  2. Tap the book cover (in the circle above the timeline in a book or in the background of the audio player).
  3. Tap Borrow This Book (or Borrow This Audiobook), then Borrow.

If you still see locked chapters after borrowing the title

To get access to the full title, try removing and re-downloading the loan:

  1. Go to Shelf.
  2. Tap loans at the top of the screen.
    Shelf screen with loans highlighted
  3. Tap Title status: Borrowed, 100% downloaded button, then Remove Download.
  4. Wait for two minutes, then completely close the app:
    • On Android devices: Open your recently used apps list, find the Libby app, and swipe to close it.
    • On iOS devices: Close the Libby app completely by swiping up from your app switcher.
  5. Reopen the app.
  6. Go to your Shelf, then tap Title status: Borrowed, tap to download button next to the title. This will download a fresh copy.