Filtering your library's catalog

You can filter your library's catalog to only see titles you're interested in when browsing and searching.

To filter:

  1. In a list or search results, tap open filters dialog to apply filters.
    Preferences appear near the top of the screen in lists and search results
  2. Adjust your filters and default sorting option, then tap Show Titles.

Tap the applied sort or filter to:

  • Quickly change it.
  • Pin it, which means the sort or filter will be applied to all lists, search results, and the library home screen, until you remove it.
  • Remove it.
    Note: Some filters can't be removed from certain lists. For example, when browsing a list of available titles, the "available now" filter can't be removed. You can remove the filter and return to your library's home screen by tapping Library library, in the navigation footer.