Why can't I find a title in my library?

If you can't find a title in Libby, your library may not own a digital copy of it. Since libraries build their own collections, not every library has the same titles available.

Note: Some libraries offer the ability to find titles that aren't in their Libby catalog, but this feature is only available at some libraries right now.

Here are other possible reasons you can't find a title in Libby:

  • Your search term may be misspelled. Double-check the spelling of the title or author, then search again.
  • Your search terms may be too specific. Try shortening or changing your search terms, then search again.
  • Your pinned filters may exclude certain titles. You can check your pinned filters at the top of any list or search results. Pinned filters will have a pin icon next to them. Tap a pinned filter, then select Remove Filter to remove it.
    the open filters dialog button, a books filter button that's pinned, and an available now filter button that's pinned
  • Your library may not purchase titles in that format or language for their Libby collection. We recommend reaching out to your library directly to learn about other services they offer or to let them know you're interested in a specific format or language.
  • The title or supplemental content may not be compatible with Libby. Only titles that can be read or listened to in Libby will appear in the app.
  • The title isn't published digitally.
  • The digital version of the title isn't available for purchase by your library.