What's the difference between "kept" magazines and magazine subscriptions?

Two types of magazines appear on your Magazine Rack in Libby: kept magazines and magazine subscriptions.

Kept magazines are magazines you've manually added to the Magazine Rack via the Keep For 7 Days button. On the Magazine Rack, they:

  • Show a countdown (e.g., "7 Days Left") under the cover image that tells you when it'll be removed from the Magazine Rack.
    Magazine Rack with the 7 Days Left label circled under a kept magazine
  • Have a Remove This Issue button in the Manage Magazine menu (next to the magazine name), so you can remove the magazine if you finish it early.
  • Have a Keep For Another 7 Days button in the Manage Magazine menu (next to the magazine name), where you can refresh the expiration countdown. You can do this as many times as you'd like!

Magazine subscriptions are magazines you've added to the Magazine Rack via the Subscribe button or by adding them to a "Notify Me" smart tag. Additionally:

  • A magazine subscription shows a "Latest Issue" label under the cover image.
    Magazine Rack with the latest issue label, under the magazine name and cover image, circled
  • The latest issue always appears in your Magazine Rack. Whenever a new issue comes out, the old issue is replaced.
  • You'll get a notification when a new issue is released.
  • The latest issue of a magazine subscription can't be removed from the Magazine Rack unless you unsubscribe from the entire magazine series. However, you can mark an issue as finished, which will move it to the end of your Magazine Rack. You can find both the Mark Issue As Finished and Unsubscribe buttons by tapping Title status: ready to open next to the magazine name.