Tips to reduce the amount of space Libby uses on your device

To control how much space Libby uses on your device, you can:

  • Adjust your download settings in Libby. You can choose to automatically download all book and audiobook loans, nothing, or loans that are below a specific file size. Learn more about Libby's download settings.
  • Manually delete any downloaded titles (without returning them) from your Shelf Shelf, in the navigation footer:
    • For books and audiobooks, tap Downloaded next to the loan, then tap Remove Download.
    • For magazines, tap Title Status: Downloaded next to the magazine's name on the Magazine Rack, then tap Remove Download.

    After deleting the download, you'll still be able to read or listen to the title when you have an internet connection.

    Note: Titles are automatically deleted when your loan is returned or the magazine is removed from the Magazine Rack.

  • If supported, use an SD card with your device. When you download a title, Libby will automatically use the SD card in your device, as long as the card is detected.