Changing a regular tag into a smart tag

In Libby, you can change a regular tag into a smart tag. A smart tag can automatically keep track of certain titles for you.

For example, if you have a tag in Libby for titles you want to read, you can add "OverDrive Wish List" smarts to it. When you do, the smart tag will contain both your OverDrive wish list items plus the titles from your "want to read" tag.

To change a regular tag into a smart tag:

  1. Tap Shelf Shelf, in the navigation footer.
  2. Tap tags at the top of the screen.
    The tags button appears after your loans and holds filters on your Shelf.
  3. Select a tag.
  4. Tap Change.
    The Change link is near the description
  5. Select the smarts you want.
    Available smarts include: Notify Me, Borrowed, Sampled, and OverDrive Wish List.
  6. Slide the panel down to close it and save your selection.

Note: You can only have one of each smart tag, except "Notify Me." You can have as many "Notify Me" smart tags as you want.