I'm not getting notifications for Libby

Libby no longer offers to send email notifications by default on Android and iOS devices. Instead, we recommend setting up push or in-app notifications.

If you're not getting push notifications for Libby:

  • Make sure you've configured Libby to send notifications on all your devices. To check, go to Menu Libby menu, in the navigation footer > Settings > Manage Notifications on each device. If prompted, allow Libby to send push notifications.
  • Make sure you've selected "Notification" for all the events you want push notifications about.
  • If you're not getting a specific notification, toggle your setting from Notification to Ignore, then change it back to Notification.
  • Try re-verifying your library cards in Libby.

Once you try these steps, you should receive notifications about loans, holds, or magazine issues in the future.

If you're still having issues, consult your device manufacturer for more help: