Filtering your timeline

To filter your timeline:

  1. Tap Timeline Timeline tab in the footer.
  2. Tap open filters dialog, then:
    • Select a year on the graph to only show activity from that year.
    • Select an activity filter: loans, holds, returns, or renewals.
    • Select a library filter to only show activity for that library.
      the open filters dialog menu
  3. Tap Show Results to apply the selected filters.

After you filter your timeline, tap an applied filter to:

  • Quickly change the filter.
  • Pin it, which means the filter will be applied to your timeline until you remove it.
    Note: Only activity filters can be pinned on the timeline.
  • Remove it.
menu presented when you tap an applied filter

Filtering your activity by time

In the open filters dialog panel, you'll see a graph of your activity broken down by year.

Example activity graph in a Libb Timeline

When you filter your timeline by year, tap the applied year filter to see a month-by-month breakdown of your activity. Your other filters (like the loans filter in the screenshot below) will be applied when you view this graph. The number above the graph indicates the month with the most activity.

Example graph of 2022 activity filtered by loan activity, showing August with the most loans, at 21.

To view your activity for a specific month, tap Jump to another month button (below the filters) and choose a month from the list.