Delivering holds later when you're not ready for them

If you're not ready to borrow a hold when it becomes available, you can have it delivered later.

Delivering a hold later keeps you at the front of the wait list, but passes the current copy to the next person in line.

How to deliver a hold later

  1. Tap Shelf Shelf, in the navigation footer.
  2. Tap holds at the top of the screen.
    Shelf screen with holds highlighted
  3. Tap Deliver Later.
  4. Use the slider to pick a "deliver after" date. After this date, you'll get a copy when someone returns it.
    Note: This could mean that you get the title a couple days or weeks after your "deliver after" date.
  5. Tap Update Hold.

Note: If you don't borrow the hold during its 3-day pickup window, it will be scheduled for later delivery automatically. Automatic rescheduling happens once per hold. If you don't act on a hold a second time, the hold will be canceled.