What do the icons and the icon colors mean in Libby?

Many icons in Libby show your library's colors. If you belong to multiple libraries, the colors can help you quickly identify which library you can borrow a title from or which library has the shortest wait list. When you borrow or place a hold on a title, you'll see an icon with that library's colors next to the title on your Shelf Shelf, in the navigation footer.

The icon next to a title shows additional information about it. Here are some icons you'll encounter in Libby and what they mean:

  • Title Status: Available: The title is available to borrow.
  • Title Status: Wait List: The title needs to be placed on hold.
  • Title Status: Wait List, New Copies Acquired): Your library purchased more copies of the title since you placed the hold.
  • Title Status: Borrowed, 100% Downloaded: The title is borrowed and downloaded.
  • Title Status: Borrowed, Not Downloaded: The title is borrowed but not downloaded.

Tap an icon next to a title to see your options or get more details about it.