Finding details about a title

On a title's details screen, you'll see a brief description of the title, its author (creator), the format, the number of copies in the collection, and more.

You can get to a title's details in several ways, including:

  • While browsing or searching your library's catalog, tap any title's cover image.
  • From your Shelf Shelf, in the navigation footer, tap Manage Loan, Manage Hold, or Title Status: Ready to Open, for a magazine. Then, tap the title's name.
  • From your Shelf Shelf, in the navigation footer, tap tags (at the top of the screen), select a tag, then tap the title's name.
  • (Mobile app only) While reading or listening, tap the title's cover image, then View Title Details.
    Note: In a book or magazine, tap the center of the screen to see the cover image in the circle above the timeline.