Exporting notes and highlights

You can export your notes, highlights, and bookmarks for a title (even after it's returned) from its Reading Journey:

  1. Go to the title's Reading Journey:
    • For current loans: From your Shelf Shelf, in the navigation footer, tap Manage Loan, then Reading Journey.
    • For magazines on your Magazine Rack: From your Shelf Shelf, in the navigation footer, tap Title Status: Ready to Open, then Reading Journey.
    • For any title you've borrowed: In your library's catalog, tap on the title's cover image, then tap Reading Journey.
  2. Tap Actions > Export Reading Data.
  3. Choose an export format for your notes, highlights, and bookmarks:
    • To export them to a web page, select Table. From there, you can bookmark the page for future use or share it with others.
      Note: The exported page also includes your circulation activity for the title.
    • To save them to your device, select Spreadsheet, then Bookmarks or Highlights. Exporting your highlights includes any notes.

You can also see an individual note, highlight, or bookmark (without exporting) by tapping it on the Reading Journey's timeline.