Sorting and filtering your loans

To sort and filter your loans:

  1. Tap Shelf Shelf, in the navigation footer.
  2. Tap loans at the top of the screen.
    Shelf screen with loans highlighted
  3. Tap open filters dialog, then:
    • Select a sort option: recent activity, due date, title, author, most recently borrowed (newest), or least recently borrowed (oldest).
    • Select a format filter: books or audiobooks.
    • Select a library filter to see only loans from that library.
  4. Tap Show Loans.
    filters menu with sorting and formatting applied

After you apply a sort or a filter to your loans, tap the applied sort or filter to:

  • Quickly change the sort or filter.
  • Pin it, which means the sort or filter will be applied to your loans until you remove it.
    Note: Library filters can't be pinned.
  • Remove it.
menu presented when you tap an applied filter