Sorting and filtering your loans

To sort and filter your loans:

  1. Tap Shelf.
  2. Tap loans at the top of the screen.

  3. Tap open filters dialog, then:
    • Select a sort option: recent activity, due date, title, author, most recently borrowed (newest), or least recently borrowed (oldest).
    • Select a format filter: books, audiobooks, or magazines.
    • Select a library filter to see only loans from that library.
  4. Tap Show Loans to apply the selected sort and filter options.
    filters menu with sorting and formatting applied

After you apply a sort or a filter to your loans, tap the applied sort or filter to:

  • Quickly change the sort or filter.
  • Pin it, which means the sort or filter will be applied to your loans until you remove it.
    Note: Library filters can't be pinned.
  • Remove it.
menu presented when you tap an applied filter