Where did the "automatic borrowing" setting go?

In March 2020, we released the "deliver later" feature to help you manage your available holds. To support this feature, the automatic borrowing setting was removed.

Now, once a hold is ready, you'll have 3 days to borrow the hold, cancel it, or have it delivered later.

Other helpful ways to manage your holds, in addition to "deliver later":

  • Notifications. We highly recommend setting up notifications in Libby, so you know when holds are ready (or lapsing soon).
  • Suspending holds (before they become available). This feature lets you move up a title's wait list without the title becoming available for you.
  • Automatic rescheduling. If you forget to act on a hold during the 3-day window, we'll reschedule it for later delivery automatically. 
    Note: Automatic rescheduling can happen once per hold. If you don't act on a hold a second time, it will be canceled.
  • Adjusting your "deliver later" date. After a "deliver later" date is set, you can go to your Shelf (Shelf) and adjust the date if you need more (or less) time.