Why can't I find my library?

There are a few reasons you might not see your library in Libby:

  • Your search terms were too specific when searching for a library. Try shortening or changing your search terms.
  • Your library doesn't have a digital collection with OverDrive (the developers of Libby). If you can't find your public library via Libby's search, we recommend that you contact your library to let them know you're interested in using OverDrive's services, including Libby. They'll need to build a collection with us or join a nearby consortium.
  • The library you're looking for isn't a public, corporate, or academic library. If you belong to a K-12 school or a law library, you won't be able to find it in Libby. Instead, you'll need to use your web browser, Sora (for schools only), or the LexisNexis Digital Library app (for law libraries only) to access it. But, we hope you'll still consider using Libby with your public library!

If you do belong to a public library and you can't find it, please contact Libby Support.