Returning Kindle Books

Kindle Books are automatically returned to your library at the end of their lending periods.

If you finish a Kindle Book before its due date, you can return it on Amazon's website, on your Kindle ereader, or from the Kindle app.

Note: If you're still seeing the loan in Libby after returning it through Amazon, try manually syncing your Shelf shelf.

Returning a library loan on Amazon's website (via Libby)

  1. In Libby, go to your Shelf .
  2. Select Manage Loan > Return Early > Return with Kindle.
  3. On Amazon's website, select return this book (on a mobile device) or return it now (in the side bar on a desktop).
  4. Select Yes to confirm.
  5. In Libby, select Yes, I've Returned It to remove the title from your Shelf .

Returning a library loan on your Kindle ereader

  1. On your Kindle ereader, go to your "Home" or "Library" screen.
  2. Find the title, then tap the Menu button on the cover.
  3. Tap Return to Public Library.
  4. Tap Return to confirm.

Returning a library loan from the Kindle app

  1. In the Kindle app, go to your "Home" or "Library" screen.
  2. Find the title, then tap and hold the cover until a menu appears.
  3. Tap Remove from Library, then Remove.
    Note: This will delete the book from your Amazon "Content Library" and return it in Libby. On older devices, you may not see this option. If that's the case, please use one of the other return methods.